Children's Favourite Author Pays a Visit to Hammersmith School

Michael Morpurgo, a prolific children’s author, visited Larmenier and Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School in Hammersmith on Wednesday two weeks ago.

Mr Morpurgo is the author of War Horse, Mr Morpurgo and many other children's stories. He was delighted by the welcome he received from five and six year old children. The youngsters have recited two of his favourite poems, The Owl and the Pussycat and The Listeners.
Mr Morpurgo spoke to the children about his work and also read one of his tales, Cockadoodle-Doo, Mr Sultana.

Headteacher Sister Hannah Dwyer said that Michael Morpurgo is a favourite author with the children of this age. His visitation brought a lot of excitement and joy to our school. The cleaners in Hammersmith read Morpurgo's books, too.